Here are some examples of how teachers in elementary, middle, and high school have adapted technology to meet their own curriculum needs.

You Can't Be My Teacher: If you don't know the internet you can't be my teacher, I need someone who knows what I know. Meet me on the web, at least half way.
Alternatives to Writing: Create a YouTube video: See this example from a third grader as an alternative to a writing assignment.
Alternatives to Writing: Create a Video Podcast for an Author Study Project
Alternatives to Science Lab Homework: Create a Voicethread of a Science Experiment
Ain't Gonna Hold Us Back Award Winners
I Like Big Binders: High School Teachers Remix Rap to encourage students to keep a binder for his class

The New Media Consortium (2009). Horizon Report for 2009: K-12 Edition
This report provides an annual overview of emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, research, or creative expression within education around the globe. For this assignment, you only NEED to read the Executive Summary (pages 1-9) but you can certainly skim other sections if you are interested.
Alvarez, M. (2007). Second life and school: The use of virtual worlds in high school education.
This paper explores the possibility of the use of virtual worlds in high school education to teach or supplement classes.

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